L'Hélica Marcel LEYAT

Leyat exhibit at Lane Motor Museum

April 2013

The Lane Motor Museum organized an exhibit from april 2013.


This Helica replica was shown for the first time at Meursault during the 2009 exhibit.

All those who were present will remember the emotion at the opening of the truck: a great moment!

November 2009, the Helico at Lane Motor Museum

Ready for the exhibit

2010 the Helico at Amelia Island

The Leyat flight simulator with his trailer.

This replica is fully fonctional  !

What to say about the details !?!?!

Two 1/3 models : Helica 1919 and Montlhery record Helica 1927.

A drawing about a 6 seats Helica to cross the north africa desert (never built)

A lot of pictures about Marcel Leyat cars and planes

Norm Anderson lent the bicycle with Aerothrust propulsion.

Leyat wasn't the only one to believe in this kind of propulsion.

Ready for the speech....

Jeff  Lane about propeller powered cars:

I have always been interested in different and unique automobile inventions. The story of the propeller car is one that has always intrigued me. Although there were hundreds who tried it, Marcel Leyat spent the most amount of time and effort to make it work. His idea of light weight and simplier cars because of no transmission and differential were good ones. Everyone that inspects a Leyat closely sees the engineering expertise and that is one of the qualities I most admire.

Anyone that every experiences a propeller car running just says wow!

The museum first propeller driven car was the wind wagon built by Sam Poseys uncle. We aquired it just as the museum opened and it brought a tremendous amount of interest from the press.

The press has continued that interest for the past 10 years.

Propeller cars are fun, they are unique and they are interesting.


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